lupita Foundation



In 2006 our founder traveled to Cuyotenango, Guatemala with a family friend. There he found families living in unsanitary conditions with unhealthy food and water. Although the Guatemalan families worked hard raising chickens to sell at market, bandits would raid the ranch, stealing the chickens during the night, depriving the families of their only source of income. Determined to help, our founder established the Lupita Foundation, named after the patron saint, the Virgin of Guadalupe. The foundation provides food, clean water, and security to children so that they may grow healthy, happy, and strong.


Our Mission

•To bring health and security to children so that they may thrive.

• Teach children and their families healthy habits

• Bring clean, potable water to those who need it most

• Provide secure, safe living environments for families with children

• Provide healthy meals to undernourished children and their families


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; it's the only thing that ever does." ~Margaret Mead